Site Furnishings

Whether you’re landscaping the lawn of a public building or equipping an entire park, we have all the essential items you need to build a beautiful and functional outdoor environment. Brighten up any dull space with our decorative planters. Provide visitors with the perfect place to sit with commercial patio furniture. Tuck curved benches along a winding path to make optimum use of limited space.

Keep your public spaces clean with essentials like ashturns, snuffers, and trash receptacles. Plan for any weather with umbrellas and umbrella stands in strategic areas. Our affordable pieces are decorative, useful, and versatile. Choose from a variety of styles to suit any space, whether rustic or modern.

Summit Supply carries everything you’ll need to equip your outdoor space. We supply city parks, golf courses, churches, schools, homeowners associations, daycare centers, and more. Find quality equipment that meets your needs and fits your budget with our extensive catalog.

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