The Magnum-1000 System offers a complete self-contained sprinkler system that handles large areas up to 20 acres. Pulls behind your vehicle on a tough and durable trailer to make transportation quick and simple.

System comes standard with 300 ft. of 2 1/2 in. hose with quick-connect couplers for easy set-up and removal.

Includes 3 ball-bearing-mounted hose reels with reel brake that operate smoothly, with room for more reels to be added.

Hose unreels in 100 ft. sections to allow for easy moving and ensuring that every inch of acreage is irrigated. Available with up to 1000 ft. of hose.

Sprinkler head is a powerful 100-Series Full Circle “Big Gun” with adjustable trajectory able to reach diameters of up to 302 ft. Operates best when used with a fire hydrant and is able to function at 70 PSI with 177 gallons-per-minute.

Trailer includes a 2 in. ball hitch and tongue jack. Tires are durable rubber 4.80 x 16 in. pneumatic with roller bearings.

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Magnum-1000 Self-Contained Sprinkler System

– Sturdy trailer design to make transport easy

– 3 Hose Reels

– 100-Series Full Circle “Big Gun” Sprinkler Head

ModelA-2 – Quick Couple Package

– Includes 2 1/2 in. thread valve quick couplers

– Fits any pipe thread of 2 1/2 in. diameter

ModelF-2 – Fire Hydrant Adapter Package

– Includes Quick-connect couplers for 2 1/2 in. dim. hose

– Includes shut-off valve

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